McDelivery: McDonald’s delivers to your door! by TBWA Paris

McDonald's McDonald’s delivers to your door by TBWA Paris 1

McDonald’s delivers to your door!

McDonald’s France is once again using its iconic products to promote its home delivery service in a new campaign from TBWA\Paris. The campaign features three of the brand’s most popular items — the Big Mac, French fries, and Sundae — integrated into the entrance doors of different types of buildings. The images, photographed by Aurélien Chauvaud, are meant to show the versatility of McDonald’s delivery service, which can reach customers in both urban and suburban areas, day or night.

The Big Mac is depicted as a garage door on a suburban house in the middle of the day. The French fries are shown as a double door on an urban apartment building at night. And the Sundae is featured on a traditional door of a Haussmann-style building, shot at dusk. The doors were created in 3D and feature different textures to create a striking visual effect.

The campaign is being run across France in a variety of channels, including outdoor advertising, print, social media, and digital animation. It began in late December and will run through September.


Client : McDonald’s France
Agency : TBWA Paris
Client Managers : Xavier ROYAUX, Anne LAINÉ, Stéphanie POUPINNEAU, Lisa CAMPART
Agency Managers : Jonathan SEROG, Julie MONTAGNÉ, Matthieu CHARLES, Louis MAINBOURG
Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin MARCHAL & Faustin CLAVERIE
Art Directors : Cyrielle DECLAREY & Pauline SENECHAULT
Art Purchase : Fériel SIMON
Photographer : Aurélien CHAUVAUD @FMA Le Bureau
3D : 95 Magenta
Producer : Benoît Freydus @75
Retouching : The ABC

McDonald's McDonald’s delivers to your door by TBWA Paris 2
McDonald's McDonald’s delivers to your door by TBWA Paris 3







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