Front of House (FOH) Brand Identity by Saint Urbain

Front of House

Made by Food Lovers

Created by restaurant lovers for restaurant lovers, we take the signature items from your favorite spots + turn them into one-of-a-kind collectibles designed to let you wine and dine, online.

FOH is curly fries, its late-night dumplings, it’s the first sip of a Friday beer. We’re a digital community where people come together to play with their food, support the restaurant biz and make smart investments.

Front of House
Front of House
Front of House

Why FoH?

We work with the best bars and restaurants anywhere to make the web3 space more digestible and to help restaurants earn a living outside of the dining room.

Think of digital collectibles as virtual merch but without the overhead. Instead of making tote bags or t-shirts, we create and manage collections of one-of-a-kind digital art, that cater directly to your best guest.

Front of House
Front of House
Front of House

Front of House (FOH) is the internet’s one-stop-shop for digital collectibles from the best bars and restaurants anywhere. Founded by food lovers, like Saint-Urbain’s creative director Alex Ostroff , FOH collaborates with food/bev operators to create one-of-a-kind NFTs designed to let their regulars’ wine and dine online and make the web3 space more digestible.


The visuals are a nostalgic wink to 90’s web experience, using vibrant RBG colors, friendly logos, animated grids, retro ad typography and bold collages of floating food. It is a whole digital experience, aiming to merge the inherent humor of food and weirdness of internet culture. Play with your food, while supporting restaurants!


KISSAMO Brand Identity by Saint Urbain

Bubbys, NYC - mini

Bubby’s, NYC by Saint Urbain

Chip New York

Chip City Cookies, New York by Saint Urbain

Cottage M

Cottage M, Los Angeles by Saint Urbain

Prime Roots

Prime Roots, San Francisco, CA by Saint Urbain

IPANEMA - Brazilian restaurant, Connecticut - mini

Ipanema Restaurant – Norwalk, Connecticut by Saint Urbain


Dreyfus by Saint Urbain

Emmy Squared Pizza - mini

Emmy Squared Pizza NYC, Brooklyn by Saint Urbain

Black Seed Bagels, NYC

Black Seed Bagels, NYC by Saint Urbain