RIPE, Brooklyn, NY by Saint Urbain


RIPE is a leadership development company that supports individuals and organizations in increasing their leadership confidence, capacity, and capabilities. Our work comes to life through leadership programs, one-on-one coaching, and culture consulting.

We’ve worked with executives, entrepreneurs, and teams from large corporations like Nike, Bluestone Lane, Red Bull, etc., to earlier stage, VC-backed startups.

Although leadership is industry agnostic, RIPE has a team member leading different sectors of the business that come with experience, knowledge, and added expertise in:

– Hospitality (Restaurant, Retail, and Hotels)
– Venture Capital & Private Equity
– Entrepreneurship
– Finance
– Professional Sports
– Corporate Organizations

We believe that leadership is the MOST VALUABLE SKILL of the future, and we’re here to shake up what you know about leadership and to challenge you and your team to reach your personal and professional peak.


RIPE is an online and offline social wellness space, founded by Megan Dolce, that brings real life to the forefront through conversation, connection and education. A digital platform that is as human-to-human as you can possibly get.


During our interview process, we helped our client create a universe around the idea of wellness and movement, expressing those ideas with the combination of a bold strong font and color kit, as well as paired with wild lines.


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