The New York Times: Food Festival by Base Design

New York Times - Food Festival 1

Food Festival

After a two-year hiatus, The New York Times brought back its wildly popular food and drink celebration in the fall of 2022. We updated and expanded our flavorful identity from the 2019 event, carrying over identifiable elements and adding a mouthwatering animated system that helped build excitement for ticket sales.

On a crisp October Saturday, the renowned publication brought together top chefs, mixologists, pastry chefs, critics, and food fanatics from across the city and beyond for a day of tastings, talks, and tips at Damrosch Park near Lincoln Center. Some of the biggest names and brightest minds in food shared their insights on the evolution of American dining and cooking, and gave IRL demonstrations to attendees hungry for advice and samples.

Promoting this packed smorgasbord of events required an identity that clearly organized information while oozing charm and a touch of whimsy. Building on the identity created for the event in 2019, the bold red, black, and white palette was continued in a new visual framework that arranged text into connected bubbles. These bubbles flowed together like warm fondue, and also stretched and sprang like melted cheese in animated versions, on top of gooey red graphics that bobbed and reshaped like vinegar floating in oil.

Static ads were printed full-page on the back of NYT newspapers, while the animations were spread liberally across social media. When tickets were released, the event sold out in mere minutes, and those lucky enough to snag them were greeted by the same identity in the form of signage, merchandise, and marketing materials on the day. This ongoing collaboration with The New York Times has allowed Base Design to build on an already successful visual identity to develop another that’s equally fresh and indelibly tasty.

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New York Times - Food Festival 5-1
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Event, Food


Agency: Base
Base team: Min Lew, Tom Fethers, Jun Hong, Harry Laverty
Photographer: Anisha Sisoda
Motion: Nol Honig



Event, Food



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