McDonald’s: Family by TBWA\NEBOKO, TBWA\X

McDonald's - Family 1
McDonald's - Family 2
McDonald's - Family 3

On April 4th, the commercial for the new McDonald’s Family campaign in The Netherlands went live. The campaign touches on a familiar topic: with the everyday hustle and bustle of work, school, sports classes and hobbies, true quality time with family can sometimes get lost. The family restaurant chain is providing more time together by putting both the Restaurants and McDonald’s App in “Family Mode”. The campaign was developed in collaboration with creative agencies TBWA\NEBOKO and TBWA\X and is live until June 4th.

TV commercial

The campaign kicks off with a TVC that follows Cas, a cool 17-year-old who loves to hang out with his friends and go to McDonald’s. He orders a Happy Meal and is teased by his friends, but he cherises the storybook and shares it with his sister before she falls asleep.


Where the TVC is all about a teenager ordering a Happy Meal for his little sister, the iconic Happy Meal smile has taken up his role as a connecter in outdoor as well. Showing how a Happy Meal brings families together by literally connecting them.

Family Mode

With this campaign, McDonald’s is responding to an increasingly busy society in which quality time with family is becoming scarcer. McDonald’s wants to play a connecting and facilitating role, which is both done in the Restaurants and the McDonald’s App, with Family Mode. This part in the McDonald’s App is especially built for families and designed for more quality time. Here families can create personal Family Avatars, listen to Happy Meals read-aloud booklets, and play ‘Play Mat’: a McDonald’s placemat that you can turn into an interactive and educational boardgame by laying your phone on top of it. Roll the dice with your phone and move the pawn around the board.


Client: McDonald’s Netherlands
Production partners: Pink Rabbit, This Page
Photography: Chris & Marjan

McDonald's - Family 4
McDonald's - Family 6
McDonald's - Family 5











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