Fanta Flavourland by Lobulo

Fanta Flavourland
Fanta Flavourland

Lobulo – Fanta Flavourland created by designer Lobulo, using a varied tool box of untraditional materials- unusual materials even for him! Paper and plastic meet the scalpel.

Fanta Flavourland
Coca-Cola - Feel it

Coca-Cola: Feel it by Publicis

Packaging design for Coca-Cola

Packaging Design for Coca-Cola by Alva Skog

Chupa Chups: Sugar Free Lollipops

Chupa Chups: Sugar Free Lollipops by DDB, Spain

Coca-Cola - Taste the Feeling 1

Coca-Cola: Taste the Feeling by Pedro Fonseca Almeida

Adidas Ozworld by Jam3.

Adidas Ozworld by Jam3.

NIKE Future Movement. Branding by New Studio

NIKE Future Movement Brand Identity Design by New Studio

Mcilhenny Tabasco Sauce

Mcilhenny Tabasco Sauce: Chopsticks by DDB Dallas Inc

Adidas Futurenatural

Adidas Futurenatural — A leap forward in the innovation of footwear by Studio Dumbar

7up Lemo

7UP Lemo