OMNOM Packaging design by Olena Fedorova

Packaging design for Adventure food OMNOM

Energy bars OMNOM are natural, healthy, and valuable “Snickers” without sugar for people who love active sports and adventures, and take their health seriously.

Target audience: travellers, climbers, mountain, bicycle and water tourists, skiers, snowboarders, autotourists, shooters, fishermen, hunters, runners, sportsmen, and all who love active sports.

Solution: In every trip it’s nice to have a friend with you, who would always support your craziest ideas.This though inspired me to create a friend for trips and extreme sports, a bear, who loves awesome drive and delicious food. OMNOM bars is a guide for extreme sports. Every taste corresponds to a particular kind of active sports, where our bear serves as a perfect companion.

Names of the tastes represent a thematic slang. In this way we highlight that the bars are created foe those who love extreme sports.

Designer: Olena Fedorova


Packaging design for Adventure food OMNOM
Packaging design for Adventure food OMNOM
Packaging design for Adventure food OMNOM

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