NIKE Air Max 270 by Wes Cockx

3D illustrations for Nike’s Air Max 270 Air by you release China, Air Max Day

Work in progress timelapse of the Nike Air Max 270 project for Nike Air Max Day. 4 assets through the lens of product: MOVEMENT • BIGGEST AIR • INNOVATION • LIGHTNESS

Design by Wes Cockx, Brooklyn, NY

Minimalist Advertising Posters

Minimalist Advertising Posters by Vsevolod Abramov

Nike Air Max Kids

Air Max Kids Visual Identity ~ Nike The Bubbleverse by ManvsMachine, London, UK


NIKE. Ideal Ground to Boost Ambitions! by Mohamed Mahmoud Ali

TikTok Office Mural

TikTok Office Mural by Jade Purple Brown

Google. Black Owned Friday

Google. Black Owned Friday by STATE ★

Fanta Flavourland

Fanta Flavourland by Lobulo

Dior x ERL — Resort 2023 Lookbook

Dior x ERL — Resort 2023 Lookbook by Noah Holcomb

Barilla Intensely Italian, UK Campaign by Bray Leino


Delegated™ – Virtual Assistant Platform by h3l Agency