Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept by Alexis Balinoff

Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept

Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice. People around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.


As the concept of the application is to bring people together from all over the world through live audio. I represented the concept by highlighting each person behind each voice through vertical bars that represent the common audio visual representation.

I wanted to offer the same flexibility to the logo to be able to adapt to its environment, taking the principle of audio that changes according to the volume of the voice.

The dominant color is this skin-like beige because it’s an application where you can’t see who you’re talking to, so accentuating this human side was important to me. The secondary color palette is colored to bring life and dynamic to the whole visual identity.

Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept


Being a voice-based application, it was important to me to highlight the people behind each of these voices. They are the ones who debate, inspire, learn, teach. They are the people who bring the application to life, who give it its potential and allow it to grow.

Clubhouse Symbol.png


Clubhouse is for everybody. The symbol of audio in everyone’s mind. It’s universal. Combined with the people that fill those bars, I think it creates the feeling that the app is empowered by its users. I was now facing a problem, the background, the noise behind each individual was confusing the viewer. It became too complicated to read and understand. Replacing it by a flat and colorful background behind each person allowed me to bring clarity and joy to the brand’s color palette.


The logotype font is custom-made. Built with simple geometric shapes inspired by the soundbars. It had to be flexible, like soundbars but still readable. The main font for the overall brand identity is Gotham Rounded, similar to the rounded Nunito font they currently use. I kept the rounded sans serif style to maintain a friendly, accessible feel to the world.

Clubhouse Type Process.png


Animation allowed me to bring dynamism to the identity. Represent a brand that is flexible and interacts with people. The app is for everyone. It adapts to everyone who is willing to use it. The animation of the logotype is the continuity of this thought. It allows the brand to have an infinite number of possibilities of expression while remaining coherent across different variations.


The color palette was created to represent the diversity of the users of the app. The main color is skin-like beige. It was important to keep that skin-like color from their current app to keep that human feeling.

The posters

I tried a lot of iterations because I wasn’t satisfied with what I came up with at first. I tried to use the soundbars graphic element and adapt them to this support but it still didn’t feel right. I played with the opacity, the density, the positioning and finally came up with a balance that I was happy with. The result is an extension of the brand that feels coherent. The goal was that without the logo, everyone could still understand that it’s a Clubhouse poster.

Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept

View the whole process at

Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
Clubhouse Brand Identity Concept
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