Branding for Patrick’s Pastry by Improvise Club

Branding for Patricks pastry

Everyone loves having a friendly neighbor, and Patrick is the friendliest amongst them.

Our challenge was to create a very unique Pastry branding which would combine the coziness of a nice small café and the character of an Industrial factory.

The inspiration behind the style comes from the times when each and every detail was done by hand by the business owners themselves and they were putting their own love and passion in every minor detail. The whole concept transmits the soul of the beginning of the industrialization period when the factory typing machines still where not a thing.

So we created the legend, a person who represents both: the son of a hereditary baker and a very talented engineer. Patrick loves both professions equally. Being a true aficionado of his family’s legacy, Patrick set on a path to turn his passion into his main purpose of life by creating perfectly designed pastry that will make everyone happy.


Agency: Improvise Club
Client: Patrick’s Pastry

Branding for Patricks pastry
Branding for Patricks pastry
Branding for Patricks pastry
Branding for Patricks pastry
Branding for Patricks pastry

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