ANICORN The Space Watch

ANICORN The Space Watch by Richard Danne 1

ANICORN – The Space Watch by Richard Danne (Father of the NASA Design Program)

Inspired by Space itself, “Father of the NASA Design Program” Richard Danne designs his One and Only Space Watch, as an homage to his long and fruitful relationship with the NASA family. The Space Watch – The Worm is back! Space-wide limited edition timepiece designed by Richard Danne – the creator of the timeless, forward-facing NASA Worm program.

“This watch represents pure joy for me and is the culmination of a long, fruitful relationship with NASA.”

It was 1974 when the firm of Danne & Blackburn, with partner Bruce Blackburn, was selected to redesign the U.S. Space Agency. I began serving as External Design Director for NASA, a role that lasted for another ten productive years. During that time, the iconic NASA Graphics Standards Manual was fully completed and honored with a U.S. “Presidential Award for Design Excellence” in 1985. Then in 2020, working with a remarkable NASA design committee, I helped update the Agency’s Design Guidelines to give our Logotype more prominence in the future.

This watch design is inspired by Space itself – its beauty, its silence, its rotating planets. The project caps an extraordinary involvement with the NASA family, one like no other and very close to my heart.” – Richard Danne

Design: Joe Kwan of Anicorn

ANICORN The Space Watch by Richard Danne 2
ANICORN The Space Watch by Richard Danne 3
ANICORN The Space Watch by Richard Danne 4

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