VPIN Audio, Video & Domotics by Duas Faces

VPIN is a company that has launched itself in the Portuguese technology market and offers solutions for residential and business environments, in the areas of audio, video, home automation, digital signage, security and structured networks. Those responsible for the company were looking for a strong, timeless brand that conveyed the idea of technology and innovation.

The sound!

Along with “technology” and “innovation”, “sound” was the element that most inspired us for this project proposed by VPIN, a brand specialized in the area of audio, video and home automation.

The sound waves form the symbol “IN” for “Integration”, which fits into the VPIN naming – the initials for “Vítor Pereira” + “Integration”, thus creating a brand focused on all those who like to have technology for close in your daily life.

The logo is a simple composition of the symbol, several speakers that form the initials “IN” and the name, VPIN, a simple but personalized typography that connects to the symbol in a natural way. The signature is representative of the brand’s area of operation, in this case, “Audio, Video & Home Automation”

As for the branding strategy created for VPIN, the personality of the brand was developed, defining its brand voice and brand persona, thus creating a guide that identified how the brand should present itself and communicate with and to its audience.

This work covered various aspects of branding, from naming to the website.

The image and communication created for VPIN, brought to the brand the credibility and strength that its founders wanted, facilitating the penetration in a market as demanding as the technology one and, in this way, enabling the association with the best partners, even when dealing with such a young company.

In the first months of the brand’s life, its growth surpassed all the expectations of its founders, and much owes to the image created.

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