McDonald’s – McCafe®: Good coffee. Simply by DDB Prague

Previously, customers could only order McCafé coffee at a McCafé, but now with a change in operations, it’s possible to order McCafé at any McDonald’s restaurant as well as at McDrive. Therefore, our task was to communicate that there is McCafé not far away from you.

As McCafé is now available at every McDonald’s, it’s never been as convenient. This convenience gives coffee lovers the opportunity to be a little lazier or a little more comfortable. If they want to sleep in a bit, why not, as their coffee is on their way to work. If they don’t want to get out of their comfortable car on a cold day, they don’t have to as McDrive has McCafé coffee on the go. McCafé has made things easy, convenient and comfortable for them all.

8% coffee net sales increase after launch of the one brand.

Advertising Agency: DDB Prague
Client: McDonald’s

Chief Creative Officer: Dora Pružincová
Creative Director: Gert Laubscher
Copywriter: Ondřej Zvolský
Art Director: Chloé Vomscheid
Business Director: Nikola Bochová
Account Manager: Jakub Škabrada
Production: David Havel
CGI Artist: Tomáš Müller

McDonald's - McCafe®: Good coffee, Simply by DDB
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