Ella Ola Manhattan, New York by Kati Forner

Ella Ola

Touch is the way we begin to understand our relationship with our world

As babies, we spend so much time just getting a feel for it all. That’s whyElla Ola helps parents create a gentler everyday for baby skin, with science-first, plant-based skincare. Their collections nourishes, soothes and protects using the highest quality ingredients in formulations co-developed with expert dermatologists, pediatricians and moms.

We’ve been working with EllaOla since the very start, on everything from naming, logomark and identity, to tagline and messaging, to photography direction and more, helping them bring the highest standards to life with little ones.

Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola

First, we came up with a name that stood for the joy of touch, plucked from the children’s handclap game, Stella Ella Ola. To bring it to life, we created a logomark and monogram submark that feels fresh, gentle and elevated, and speaks to the parent-child bond through connected letterforms. We played with the idea of “next generation” for the tagline, meaning both products designed with the best of science and ones designed for the next generation of our families. And we brought a warm persona to the messaging to appeal to discerning parents who bring family life the ultimate consideration and care.

For the packaging, we kept the design clean, joyful and elevated while infusing the brand with special, celebratory moments like gold foil accents.


Designer: Kati Forner
Lifestyle Photography: Victoria Will
Product Photography: Jurada Studio
Product Renderings: Ariel Palanzone

Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
Ella Ola
The Baby’s All-Around Bundle

The Baby’s All-Around Bundle is a 5-product head-to-toe combo covering all your baby care needs, from bathtime, diaper changes to baby massages and bedtime.

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