Davis Row Branding, New York by Provoke

Davis Row Branding
Davis Row Branding

Davis Row had a goal of appealing to modern, soon-to-be-married couples that were looking for clarity in the wedding planning process. Although they want an unforgettable wedding experience, they’re not the ones to chase after “the perfect wedding.” What they want is a wedding that is classic, timeless, beautiful, but with a modern twist that’s true to themselves. They’ve heard that wedding planning is full of anxiety and stress because that’s just the “norm” but they’re organized people and don’t want it to be disorganized. They want this to be a comfortable experience, so they need a wedding planner that can guide them every step of the way—in an extremely thoughtful and accommodating way.

That is where Davis Row steps in to transform the wedding planning experience into one that’s more diverse, modern, and process-driven. Makes dreamy weddings a reality by taking a modern, thoroughly executed approach to wedding planning.

By being there every step of the way, Davis Row makes their clients feel like the VIP guests of their own wedding, from the first day of planning up until the wedding day. No more worrying about chasing down hors d’oeuvres, “wait, is this seat reserved for me?” moments, or long lines at the bar.

Finally, couples and their guests can focus on one thing only: enjoying the wedding.

Davis Row Branding
Davis Row Branding
Davis Row Branding
Davis Row Branding
Davis Row Branding
About Davis Row

Adept event designer and producer with a history of working alongside creatives in multiple fields, drawing from a background of diverse professional endeavors. Detail-obsessed with a passion for shaping memorable, polished experiences designed with the utmost care and skill. Select past clients include Squarespace, TED, Planned Parenthood, and Bloomberg.


Creative agency: Provoke
Client: Davis Row

Davis Row Branding

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