Coca-Cola: Olympic Games, London by McCann

Coca-cola: Runners

Coca-cola - Runners

Coca-cola: Gymnast

Coca-cola - Gymnast

Coca-cola: Swimmer

Coca-cola - Swimmer

Coca-Cola as sponsor of the Olympic games 2012 in London shows its passion about the Olympic spirit in a typical Coca-Cola way of style: within a strong, simple and colourful symbolic Coca-Cola integrates its brand icon “the logo” as the sporty challenge – in every poster in a new way.

This ad is just one example of McCann’s creative and innovative approach to advertising. By leveraging the power of the Olympic Games and the Coca-Cola brand, McCann has created an ad that is both visually appealing and emotionally resonant.

Coca-cola: Torch Bearer

Coca-cola - Torch Bearer

Coca-cola: Artistic Gymnast

Coca-cola - Artistic Gymnast

Coca-cola: Beach Volleyball Player

Coca-cola - Beach Volleyball Player

Coca-cola: Jumper

Coca-cola - Jumper




Drink, Sport


Advertising Agency: McCann, Germany / McCann, Switzerland
Creative Director / Copywriter: Bill Biancoli
Art Directors: Birol Bayraktar, Michael Jacob, Florian Fischkal
Illustrator: Yue-Shin Lin
Account Manager: Christiane Hahn





Drink, Sport



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