Winyl – Corporate Gifts, 2022

Winyl - Corporate Gifts 2022

Winyl - Corporate Gifts 2022
Winyl - Corporate Gifts 2022

Winyl - Corporate Gifts 2022
Winyl - Corporate Gifts 2022

Winyl is our agency’s corporate gift for 2022, which is to serve as a daily reminder of victory to our clients and partners.

As recently we haven’t had a lot of victories in our lives, the winning spirit has vanished, and many people began to forget about the feeling of triumph, engulfed in troubles, lost spirits, and gave up.

Music has always been one of the most powerful ways to boost victorious morale: people used to sing or just listen closely to every note of it: it always helped to forget about the troubles and embrace the future with confidence in triumph. That is why we decided to create gifts which will remind us about the importance of music and victorious morale in everything we do!







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