Scoop of Happiness Campaign by Davel Creative Agency

Scoop of Happiness Campaign by Davel Creative Agency - Mimi

Scoop of Happiness

The “Scoop of Happiness” Campaign, created by Davel Creative Agency, aims to capture the attention and delight of Armenian travelers on their way to the airport through eye-catching ice cream banners. The captivating banner of the Zvartnots airport, in particular, is meticulously crafted in the shape of a tantalizing ice cream swirl, where the vanilla ice cream sits majestically on top of the airport structure. This enchanting creation becomes a mesmerizing beacon of temptation, captivating passersby with its delightful imagery.The vibrant imagery and engaging messages featured on these banners tempt travelers to indulge in refreshing treats before their flight, enhancing their airport experience.

Strategically positioned along the route to the airport, the banners occupy a prime location that guarantees maximum visibility to a large number of travelers. Designed with attention-grabbing elements such as bright colors and bold graphics, they effortlessly draw the eye and create a sense of excitement.

The messaging on the banners is crafted to be engaging and persuasive, utilizing humor and wordplay to entice travelers to experience the irresistible pleasure of the showcased ice cream. These cleverly crafted messages inject a touch of fun and playfulness into the airport environment, elevating the overall ambiance and generating curiosity among the audience.

By bringing the joy of ice cream to the forefront of travelers’ minds, these banners effectively promote confectionery products to a vast and diverse audience. They serve as delightful reminders that a scoop of happiness can be savored at any moment, even amidst the hustle and bustle of travel. The “Scoop of Happiness” Campaign successfully enhances the airport experience, adding a delightful and memorable touch to travelers’ journeys while promoting the delectable world of ice cream.


Agency: Davel Creative Agency
Client: Scoop of Happiness

Scoop of Happiness Campaign by Davel Creative Agency - Mimi 2
Scoop of Happiness Campaign by Davel Creative Agency - Nice Smoothie







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