Izza Garlic

About Izza Garlic

Izza Garlic is a Cebu-based fried garlic producer offering a variety of garlic-based condiments from fried bits to sweet chili oil.

The company was brought to life in May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when, in addition to the virus itself, food became a primary source of concern. With dining out no longer being a practical option, many came to rely on homecooked meals. However, home cooks faced new challenges, from running out of recipes and ideas to finding the task tedious and becoming a chore.

To address these concerns, Izza Garlic came up with a way to spice up homemade meals and simplify home cooking and meal prepping for everyone in the city.


Izza Garlic needed to develop their brand message and simplify their brand identity in terms of design, brand positioning, social media engagement, and attracting leads.


To address Izza Garlic’s branding issues, Tribox Design gathered customer data, studying their customer demographic and psychographic profiles.

Targeting – Based on our findings, we were able to shift the focus to attract more qualified leads.

Identity – We positioned the brand image of Izza Garlic by first defining their vision-mission and goals and establishing the onlyness of their products.

Design – The design we developed for the brand was based on meticulous research on the psychology of condiments and packaging. Each design choice was selected with care.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Brand Audit
Brand Identity Design
Brand Development


Brand Strategist & Creative Director: Inu Catapusan
Researcher & Art Director: Regine Ylaya
Copywriter: Faye Penetrante

Typeface: John Misael Villanueva
Photography: Jan Mat

Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic
Izza Garlic

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