McDonalds - Adirondack Chairs by Cossette

McDonald’s: Adirondack Chairs by Cossette

Mcdonald's - Oreo Caramel, Choco M&M, Strawberry Kit Kat

Mcdonald’s: Imagine Your Own McFlurry with Your Favorite Toppings by TBWA

McDonald’s: Mac Your Night by DDB Sydney, VMLY&R

McDonald’s: Fries Will Always Bring Smiles by DDB Azerbaijan

McDonald’s Heat Map by Platinum FMD

McDelivery: McDonald’s delivers to your door! by TBWA Paris

McDonald’s: Enjoy Our Summer by Leo Burnett Italia

McDonald’s: Family by TBWA\NEBOKO, TBWA\X

McDonald’s: McDelivery Windows by DDB, Singapore

McDonald’s: McFestival by TBWA, Zurich