Cristiano. Reusable bottle for water only by Rethink

Cristiano. Reusable bottle for water only. Digital advertisement created for IKEA

Digital advertisement created by Rethink, Canada for IKEA

When football’s biggest star Cristiano Ronaldo told the world to “Drink water” instead of Coca-Cola, he did it with a plastic bottle. So IKEA renamed its bestselling reusable bottle Cristiano to help the world drink water, sustainably.

Oreo x Game of Thrones by 360i, USA

Coca-Cola Zero

Coca-Cola Zero by Tao Ma


Delegated™ – Virtual Assistant Platform by h3l Agency

BLACKED Coca Cola, dr pepper, fanta, pepsi

Black Design of Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Pepsi by Nathan Houston

ZARA Collab

ZARA Collab. by Marco Oggian

Fanta Re-Brand

Fanta Re-Brand by Bruton Stroube

7up Lemo

7UP Lemo

COCA-COLA Summer Limited Edition Cans | Packaging

Coca-Cola Summer Limited Edition Cans by Yura Shypota

Ella Ola

Ella Ola Manhattan, New York by Kati Forner